Blocked Drains Gumdale

Gumdale and surrounding suburbs

Gumdale is both rural and residential suburb situated 14 kilometers south-east of central Brisbane. The area was formerly known as Mossdale, after a grazing property. During the late 1880s subdivided lots on the Grassdale domain were purchased that the name apparently being inspired by the numerous native grass trees in the district. Grass trees grow on relatively infertile soil, and Gumdale is a mixture of poor and good loamy soils. The area’s population was only at 950 heads based on the 2011 Australian census.

The suburb has several new development sites comprising of less than 5% dwellings and the other 95% are land acres. It is Brisbane’s nearest acreage suburb to the central business district. Many of these land areas are tree dominated regions. Almost 80-90% of all blockages in the drains are caused by tree roots. These roots are persistent in looking for the nearest supply of water which is quite abundant in the waterlines underneath. They can detect the tiniest supply in nearby cracked pipes, they enter these fracture until such time that they grow larger and eventually become obstructions to the flow of water. The early 2000s up to present saw an increase in urbanization of the suburb. Continuous ground movement and excavation can contribute to further damaging pipes leading to sand and soil ingress which can also block water from being carried to the appropriate destination. Other causes happen inside the homes ranging from solidified grease clumped in between the kitchen sink and pipes underneath it, hair strands and soap suds that mix and are caught in the joints underneath bathroom drains which can narrow the passageway of water and slows down drainage.

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