Blocked Drains Hawthorne

Hawthorne and surrounding suburbs

Hawthorne is a residential suburb vis-a-vis New Farm across the Brisbane River which is three kilometers north-east of Brisbane central district. The land that became Hawthorne was purchased by an original settler named William Baynes in 1875. The Baynes family had substantial livestock and butchering interests in South Brisbane and Belmont. The suburb’s name was derived from hawthorne bushes that were planted between 1850s and 1860s. At the 2011 Australian census, it was recorded that the suburb had a population of 4,775.

Most of the region especially on the southern end is generally hilly with range of trees and greenery while the northern part is vulnerable to flood due to its proximity to nearby creeks. A definite and effective drainage system is necessary but there will be times wherein its main purpose is not met. It may be caused by roots which can grow as much as twice of the height of actual trees. These roots drill its way to open and cracked pipes, building up and clogging nearby water lines causing sewage water to overflow. Leaves and other debris can continuously carried into drainages causing it to block the passageway of water. Bad housekeeping can also contribute to blocked drains occurring inside homes. Fatty scum is washed down the plugholes and builds up within the pipes and fixtures, especially the water trap in the kitchen waste gulley. As soon as these come in contact with cold water, they solidify and obstruct the effective flow of water. Aside from oil and grease, hair can also be caught in the pipe joints underground. They tend to capture other foreign materials causing them to buildup massively hindering any flow to occur.

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