Blocked Drains Hemmant

Hemmant and surrounding suburbsHemmant is a residential and industrial suburb located 11 kilometers north-east of Brisbane CBD which is also situated between the Brisbane River and Wynnum Road. The suburb was named after William Hemmant who was a local parliamentarian in 1876 and was also the treasurer in the Macalister government. The suburb’s population reached 2,594 administered during the 2011 Australian census.

Bulimba Creek’s flood plain west of the suburb subdued residential growth, though the population tripled a decade ago. Continuous development of new estates was formed around Macedon and Bogong Streets. More establishments both residential and commercial were also formed and constructed. With further developments in the region, cases of defects in underground pipes and linings increases caused by continuous ground movements and excavations. When these occur, loosely fitted joints invite sand and soil particles. As water escapes, these residues are left behind until they form an obstruction in the passageway of water leading to flood and ineffective drainage. Tree roots can also enter these openings due to the abundant supply of water inside these water ways. They eventually grow and impede water from flowing. Internal occurrences of blocked drains also happens brought about by fatty residues and food leftovers sliding down kitchen sinks and builds up in the pipes underneath. These form nasty blockages which could be difficult to be remove when no action is done promptly. Other reasons also include toilet blockages sourcing from paper products and other foreign materials flushed and locked in the pipe underground.

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