Blocked Drains Hendra

Hendra is a residential suburb which is seven km north-east of central Brisbane. It isHendra and surrounding suburbs bordered by the Kedron Brook with its outlet on the north side, and the main road to Nudgee intersects it. The suburb’s name originated from the station on the Eagle Farm railway line, apparently given by the Railways Commissioner. The region was originally a farming locality, were crops such as citrus fruits, grapes and pineapples were abundant as well as dairy herds. The suburb houses numerous restaurants and eateries of all price ranges which includes local cafés, restaurants and pubs.

The same with that of its neighboring suburbs, the region is mainly a family-oriented community. Based on the 2001 census, over 43% of households is comprise of couples with children, 39% are couples without children and 15% are single parent families. Standalone houses account for 90% of all dwellings in this area, and apartments account for a further 5%. Queenslander style architecture, wide streets and well established gardens mean Hendra is considered by locals as a pleasant and relaxing suburb to live in. As documented in the 2011 Census the population of Hendra is 4,417, 50.8% female and 49.2% male.

With the surge of people being attracted in this suburb, the increase of houses and families are very much evident. Every household experiences blocked drains and are often times very irritating and always happen to block at the most unwanted occasions. Most fatty substances dry and usually end up sticking to the sides of pipes when these are washed down the sink and are very common among houses. These gradually build up over time, up until the point wherein no water can pass through. Another culprit of choked drains especially in bathrooms is hair build up causing slow drainage. Other materials such as soap and foreign objects get trapped in between the pipes and the bathroom drains leading to permanent obstructions when no action is done immediately.

If you are a resident of Hendra and you feel that blocked drains should never be welcomed in your homes and establishment, please call DCB at 07 3667 8003 and immediate action will be done.