Blocked Drains Highgate Hill

HighgateHill and surrounding suburbsHighgate Hill is situated in the inner suburbs of Brisbane is two kilometers south-east of the city centre and oversees the St Lucia Reach of the Brisbane River. The suburb is separated from the city by South Brisbane, it has been believed that it took several decades before the town’s first settlement and one of the early residents, George Wilson named the locality as Highgate Hills.

The topography of the suburb is laid surging hills no more than 70 metresabove sea level.Highgate Hill residents have shopping establishments in Annerley Road near Stanley Street or in West End. Schools are also in West End and Dutton Park (primary) and South Brisbane (secondary).  This structures led to the creation of a being a high-density suburb with many apartment buildings. These apartment blocks are situated along the main streets of Dornoch Terrace which became a trend in 1960. The proximity and access to Brisbane central business centers drew more people to the region.

As further development captures increase in population, validated to 5,824 residents in the 2011 Census, residential structures and business establishments continuously surge which contributes to the grease and other fragments being trap in the drainage systems. Damaged pipes due to constructions also give way to the need of flushing foreign objects out of the water pipes to ensure effective flow in our drains and water ways.

If you live in Highgate Hill and need help with clogged and blocked drains, don’t hesitate to call DCB on 07 3667 8003.