Blocked Drains Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly and surrounding suburbs

Indooroopilly is a suburb situated on the north adjacent of the Chelmer Reach of the Brisbane River and is seven km south-west of Brisbane CBD. The name was believed to have originated from the local word nyindurupilli referring to a gully or ravine with leeches. Another basis was the word yindurupilly which means a gully of running water. Residents often shorten the name to Indro. The name was also thought to have been bestowed by Europeans in 1875. The population reached 11,670 documented during the 2011 Australian Census.

The area has been concentrated on commercial, retails and business sector including the largest shopping center in Brisbane’s western suburb which is the Indooroopilly Shopping Center. The suburb lines up several professional and a big number of universities and educational structures. These are only some of the reasons as to why more and more people choose the suburb as a fine place to live in. As the population increases, an influx of construction of detached dwellings and medium density apartments increase.  These constructions pave way to possible damages in the pre fixed water lines underground. When these happen, these lines could possibly invite foreign materials such as sand and silt to deposit in these waterlines causing an annoying obstruction in the flow of water. Tree roots that line the area can enter these openings and will also be a possible cause of clog in the flow of the drainage system which will entail a lot of effort and cost. Indoor occurrences of blocked drains are also brought about by grease, fat and food particles caught in between the sink and the pipes underneath the dwellings. If no immediate action is done, these can result to no water escaping these outlets and in turn shoots up to the source.

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