Blocked Drains Jamboree Heights

JamboreeHeights and surrounding suburbs

Jamboree Heights is a residential suburb and is positioned 14 kilometers south-west of Brisbane CBD. Centenart Estates Ltd was in charge of developing and building the Centenary Bridge in the 1960s which also crosses the nearby suburb of Jindalee. During that decade, the Queensland Scout movement organized the 8th national scout jamboree in cooperation with Centenary Estates selected the site in the company’s projected development program. The suburb’s name was taken from the Australian Scout Jamboree held in 1967-68.

The suburb is located in the moderately rise area where Mount Ommaney lies in the west. The topography of the area is mostly greenery which contributes to mess with the commercial and residential drainage systems. When too many leaves clumped together especially when they are wet, joined with other debris, they form blockages in the flow of water. With the increase of constructions in nearby areas, they could likely damage fixed water lines underground which could lead to foreign substances and sand to enter cracked pipes which could also lead to slowness or even permanent obstructions. Domestic problems related to blocked drains occur more frequently. One primary reason is grease and fatty substances drying and ending up adhering to the sides of the pipes when flushed down the sink. These can cause nasty, hard to remove clog which prevents any water from flowing to its sewage destination.

For full upkeep and emergency plumbing succor, residents of Jamboree Heights can call DCB on 07 3667 8003.