Blocked Drains Jindalee

Jindalee is a residential suburb urbanized during the 1960s-70s. It is situated 12 kilometers south-west of BrisbaneJindalee and surrounding suburbs CBD and is part of the seven Centenary suburbs established in 1959. The area was also known as Seventeen Mile Rocks, a rural zone with a constricted bridge which is over the Brisbane River leading to Fig Tree Pocket Road. It was once an adjoined suburb together with Jamboree Heights. The Aboriginal and local meaning for the suburb means bare hill. During the 2011 Australian census, the population reached 5,113.

The suburb’s land makeup is comprised of trees and greenery. Trees lineup most of the region, elongated and mature roots surround the area as well. These roots search for the closest stream of water and can eventually enter crack pipes, leading to extreme blockages. Excessive amount of minerals in water combined with soap scums and other substances can be harmful and can even corrode old pipes. These will leave residue and deposits on the pipes and can clog water from flowing effectively. Kitchen sinks will not escape from food, grease and fat to flow uncontrollably. When mixed with other coagulating substances, they form an obstruction in the pipes underneath. It could worsen as the buildup continues to grow therefore, immediate action is definitely needed.

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