Blocked Drains Kangaroo Point

KangarooPoint and surrounding suburbsKangaroo Point is a narrow strip of land surrounded on three sides by the Brisbane River It is immediately north of Woolloongabba.  The Australian census documented a population of 7,000 last 2011. It is one of the earliest suburb established which is evidently rich in character and history. John Oxley, an explorer described the suburb in 1823 as a jungle, fringed with mangroves with majority f the upper land forest covered with grass.

Initially, the suburb was dominated by factories concentrating on heavy engineering businesses and riverside industrial sites on the east side overlooking Shafston Reach. It shifted and has been redeveloped for high-rise apartments, and the locality is known as Dockside. As development further grows, rapid increase in clogged drains and damaged pipes occurs. These have been primarily caused by foreign materials which include sand, soil particles, tiny rocks and silt entering cracked and deteriorating underground tubes. When water flushes fully, these residues are left behind, causing it to thicken and coagulate narrowing the passageway of sewage water. Roots from nearby trees also pinched its path in these openings and eventually obstruct the efficient current. Indoor culprits are also present through the likes of grease, fats and food substances skimming its way in sinkholes. These substances are stuck in the walls of the pipes underground taper the water flowing to its destination.

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