Blocked Drains Karana Downs

KaranaDowns and surrounding suburbs

Karana Downs is a rural and residential district and is 22 kilometers south-west of Brisbance CBD. The suburb is located in between the Mt. Crosby Road which is on its west and north end while the Brisbane River surrounds its east and south side. The population stretched to 3,826 recorded by the 2011 Australian Census. Its name was recommended by its developer in 1975 which also means a “quiet place.” The suburb was once part of the Shire of Moreton as it transitioned to the City of Ipwhich. During the late 90s, residents petitioned the suburb to form part of the City of Brisbane.

As the suburb continues its upscale development, many constructions are taking place to fully modernize the landscape of the area building new establishments and structures. Ground movements and excavations may damage fixed underground water lines causing these to crack open. When these occur, foreign materials enter these pipes causing an internal obstruction of water. Sand, silt and other deposits are commonly stored inside these pipes causing water to back up to the source. Furthermore, nature plays part in these blockages mainly from tree roots digging its way to the abundant supply of water which are visible inside these water pipes causing clogging of these structures underneath. At some point, homeowners also contribute to the some form of drain blocking within their dwellings. The usual cases of grease, fats and food particles buildup in the pipes due to continuous flow in sinks with no filtering materials. Hair is also another common culprit especially in bathroom sinks, they may not initially block water but over time, they grow larger as they continue to get caught in the pipelines.

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