Blocked Drains Kedron

Kedron, a residential northern suburb on Gympie Road and is located north of Lutwyche and Gordon Park which is eight kilometers north of central Brisbane. It is disjointed from Kedron and surrounding suburbsKedron Brook by Gordon Park. Its other neighboring suburbs are Stafford, Chermside, Wooloowin and Nundah.

In 1862, Alfred Lutwyche, Queensland’s first judge, bought 50 acres of land and named this residence Kedron Lodge. In 1865, Henry Craig settled on land now occupied by Lutwyche Cemetery and planted the large bunya pines along Gympie Road and lived there until his death in 1877. The cemetery was built in 1878 and was originally named Kedron Brook Cemetery.  The cemetery contains more than 100 gravestones of servicemen whom the majority gave their life for in World War II. The Kedron Park was set aside along Kedron Brook, adjacent to the Kedron Park Hotel.  It closed in 1931 but resumed in 1955 for educational building purposes. Kedron Park Teachers College and Quuensland University of Technology now occupies the site.

In recent years flats and apartments have been constructed, and in 2006 totaled 25% of total dwellings compared with 14% for Australia. Establishments and facilities line up the roads of the suburbs. Residents in the area continue to rise and one of the most common household nuisances is clogged drains. Grease and fat create a huge problem as these are washed down the kitchen sinks and eventually stick to the inside of the pipes until no water can pass through. Hair clumps in bathroom and toilets can also pose a severe threat for homeowners and occupants. Over time this can aggravate if the blockage is not effectively removed. Toilets regularly blocked due to toilet paper and other items being flushed down.

If you are a resident of Kedron and would like effective and efficient assistance for drain cleaning, you may contact DCB on 07 3667 8003.