Blocked Drains Kenmore Hills

KenmoreHills and surrounding suburbs

Kenmore Hills is a rural and residential suburb and is located 11 kilometers south-west of Brisbane CBD. It was formally part of Brookfield and was considered a separate district in 1969 and its name was derived from another nearby suburb, Kenmore. The suburb’s headcount reached 2,577 which was recorded by the 2011 Australian Census.

The land layout of the suburb is generally hilly and greenery as it is situated near the foothills of Mount Coot-tha. There are linear parks dominantly visible along Gap and Moggill Creek on the suburb’s west and south end respectively paving way for tree roots to dominate the next land level below. These roots dig its way down in search of the nearest water and nutrients supply that they can get which often times lead them to open or cracked pipes. The roots stay there until they get bigger and larger causing a blockage of water. Immediate response to these situations is desperately needed to avoid aggravating the initial damage on these pipes. When a drain blocks the water from flowing, it backs out up to the source causing flooding. It damages properties, wiring and structures. Another cause of drain clogging can happen inside homes or establishments. Main causes include domestic or commercial waste build up which can occur more frequently than the ones outside. Little regard is given since grease, fat and food build up continuously slither kitchen sinks causing it to cool and stick on the walls of pipes. These in turn prevents water from flowing effectively as they build up narrowing the passageway.

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