Blocked Drains Kenmore

Kenmore and surrounding suburbs

Kenmore is a residential suburb located 11 kilometers south-west of central Brisbane. The suburb lies on the Brisbane River near Centenary Bridge extending westwards to the Moggill Creek. The origin of the name came from Andrew Todd who based the name from Kenmore, Perthshire Scottland which was his home town. He was an early resident of the place where he built his dwellings and farmstead during the early 1880s situated near one of his properties in Gilruth road.

The suburb has been distinguished as a region of rolling hills and greenery. It is characterized as a leafy suburb with comprises of professional residents and families living mostly in detached housings. Linear trees are planted within the area and most of the tree roots underneath mainly cause living clogs of water to flow smoothly. Leaves and foliage together with garden waste are often washed into the sewage and drainage systems causing an annoying obstruction. The suburb is in the process of renovation and modernization. Census of 2011 showed a population of about 8,483 inhabitants. More and more drain cleaning issues pile up mainly due to grease and fat sticking to the walls of the pipes underneath the kitchen sinks. Build up could take faster than expected if no immediate action is done. Ground up food can also get stuck in the pipes mixed with cold liquid eventually leading to a stubborn clog. Foreign objects are also flushed uncontrollably which could also lead to unwanted blockage which could result to an inconvenient situation.

Specialized workforce to handle issues on blocked drains is what Kenmore residents’ need. DCB experts is just a phone call away, you may contact them on 07 3667 8003.