Blocked Drains Keperra

KeperraKeperra is a residential suburb in City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is situated 9 kilometers north-west of the central Brisbane. The suburb has been known to have a deep and rich aboriginal history. The name is a local word referring to a young man or a bora ring. It is believed that the suburb’s name originated from the initiation ceremonies of young men done at the bora rings.

Housing and residential structures within the suburb ranges from modest post-war homes built concentrating on the north side of Samford Road and south of the Keperra railway station to larger brick dwellings built since the 1980s and 1990s. The population of the region gradually increased as recorded in the 2011 Census wherein it reached 6,652. A certain percentage of the population also lives within the Keperra Sanctuary Retirement Village located on the south side of Samford Road and east of the Great Western Shopping Centre. As residents flocked to the region, massive constructions of houses also rise and every household is susceptible to blocked drains. All drains, whether domestic or commercial, will eventually suffer from blockage dilemmas during its lifespan wherein common causes such as grease, leaves, silt and litter are very evident. This reduce the efficiency of water flow and if not remedied will cause a permanent obstruction in the water flow. Broken pipes due to constructions or unwanted circumstances will also lead to tree roots crawling its way through these openings causing a major clog. Adding to the problem are foreign materials entering these broken pipes causing uncontrollable build up within the underground pipes.

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