Blocked Drains Kholo

Kholo and surrounding suburbs

Kholo is a rural district outlying west side of the Brisbane Council’s municipal area. It is 22 km south-west of Brisbane CBD. The Brisbane River lies on the west and south while Lake Manchester lies on the north. Mt. Crosby on the other hand faces its north. The suburb was originally a part of the City of Ipswich but was later on absorbed as part of Brisbane city in 1999. The suburb’s name is defined as an old place, other than that thought, there were no recorded origin of its name.

The suburb’s population is only at 397 as recorded during the 2011 Australian census but most of the residential dwellings are contemporary and unique in style. What most of the residents miss out is that unwanted occurrences of blocked drains are oftentimes inside every household. Not all liquids are allowed to flow down the kitchen sinks, cooking grease and oil are common causes of clogged drains. They combine with other coagulating substances and when fuse with hard water forms deposits at the sides of the pipes underneath. They eventually grow larger and the buildup narrows the passageway of water causing dirtier liquid to flow up to the source. Ground up food instead of going to the trash bin are also washed down the drains and block water as they get stuck in the curved pipes and water lines. Hair strands and soap scums are regularly flushed down bathroom drains. They are caught easily in the pipes especially for bathrooms without any filtering mechanisms. It can worsen over time if no urgent actions are done to reduce the buildup.

If blocked drains is a common scenario to your houses and business establishments in the suburb of Kholo, consult an expert from DCB on 07 3667 8003.