Blocked Drains Lota

Lota and surrounding suburbsLota is a bayside suburb of Brisbane south of Wynnum and is located 16 kilometers east of the suburb’s business centre.  Its southern boundary is a wetland along Lota Creek. Irish-born politician and an early resident William Duckett White acquired majority of the land amounting to 293 acres in 1862 gaining sub-divisions of land ranging from Lytton to Fig Tree Point. The suburb’s name came from Duckett White’s house, the Lota House, built in 1863. Lota was apparently the name of the home if his wife, Janem in Cork Harbour, Country Cork, Ireland. To date, the population reached 3,255 based on the 2011 Australian census.

The area’s topography is made up of everglades and shrubby tree dominated region. Since most of the areas are flood prone, the need to have an effective drainage system is necessary. Failure to keep them clear can be a recipe or a setting up for blocked drains. One major reason is tree root ingress. Roots have evolved in such a way that they dig its way deep underground to look for the nearest supply of water and nutrients. They often end up reaching broken or fractured pipelines. They enter these pipes and grow to the point that they cause water to back fire. Adding up to the injury includes leaves and other tree debris blocking the passageway of water leading to flood in nearby residential areas. What happens inside homes is a different matter. Household owners contribute to block drains by continuously washing down grease, oil and food particles in kitchen sinks without proper filtering mechanisms. They clump and congeal the water from passing through sewages leading to water going up the source and create a foul smelling odor which could be harmful to health. Hair strands and soap suds can also solidify and get caught in the walls of the pipes underneath bathroom drains.

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