Blocked Drains Lutwyche

Lutwyche and surrounding suburbsLutwyche is an inner-city residential suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, located 5 kilometers north of the city’s central business district and is situated on Lutwyche road. Within the north-western boundary of Lutwyche lies Kedron Brook, an inlet lined with parklands and bike paths. The suburb is named after Alfred Lutwyche, a judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales who was appointed as Supreme Court judge at Moreton Bay on 21 February 1859, shortly before Queensland was granted self-government.

The suburb’s dwellings are a mixed of Queenslanders, cottages and medium-density apartments of different ages. The area has been lined with many small shops, establishments and restaurants in addition to the Centro Lutwyche shopping center which attracted more people to live and visit the area. Based on the 2011 Census, the population reached 2, 801 and continue to rise as the years go by. Drainages become an open invitation for unwanted foreign materials and waste causing severe blockage in the water flow system. When the drainages are blocked, the water that is trying to flow and escape cannot pass through backing it out to the source which causes flooding. Main sources are usually kitchen sinks, bathroom drains and bowl. Hair, soaps and food build up become caught along the pipelines underneath. It will continue to collect these materials which can cause major damages in the main water lines if not treated and given due actions. Drain blockages are not only a source of inconvenience but could also cause health and safety issues. Water that is back fired is much dirtier than water that has been thrown along kitchen and bathroom sinks.

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