Blocked Drains Lytton

Lytton and surrounding suburbsLytton is an industrial suburb located on the south-east bank of the Brisbane River. It is situated 13 kilometers north-east of Brisbane CBD. It was believed to have been named after Edward Bulwer Lytton who was the Secretary of State for the Colonies during the period of 1858 to 59. The region has been Brisbane’s primary source of defense in 1877 and was chosen to be a fortified site, named Fort Lytton. To date, it is a national park declared in 1988 and is listed as one of the Queensland heritage.

Most of the suburb contains a range of trees and greenery. 90% to 95% of all drain blockages in the region is caused by tree roots. These roots can reach a radius of 2.5 times the height of the actual tree, these roots vigorously dig its way down to look for the nearest supply of water and nutrients and is evidently present in pipes and water lines underground. When these pipes are cracked and opened, the leaks became passageway of roots to enter the pipes, as they stay there; they grow bigger impeding water to flow effectively. The opening in the pipes also invites sand and other foreign particles to enter and as they build up, they slow down and in worst cases hinder any form of liquids to pass through. The water then back flows causing imminent flooding and overflow of water to the source. These can cause inconveniences to nearby establishments and dwellings as it entails more time and effort in removing and will cost considerably high if the source of blockage will not be removed.

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