Blocked Drains Manly West

ManlyWest and surrounding suburbsManly West is an uptown and residential suburb within Redland City and is situated 14 kilometers east of Brisbane CBD. The area was formalized as an existing suburb during the 1950s-60s where it was named after the bayside suburb of Manly. The population of the suburb reached 11,195 as recorded by the 2011 Australian census.

Residential settlement in the Manly district was concerted around the railway line and along the coast, leaving the area now known as Manly West for agricultural purposes. Residential subdivisions flourished and brought growth in the region by additional commercial establishments and local shopping centres. Modern, low set brick houses were built. These dwellings see to it that they maintain an effective water flow and sewage systems but at times, there functions lapse due to several reasons. Blocked drains usually occurs because of clogged waterways brought about by oil, grease and condiments mixing with cold water turning it to a sticky material which narrows the passageway of any form of liquid to flow to its destination. Bathroom drains often clogged due to hair and soap residue piling in curved pipes underneath cause slow drainage of water or worst, a permanent obstruction. Toilet duct are blocked by unwanted objects and materials such as tampons, napkins and paper products which are often hard to dissolve. They get smashed up and hinder water from effectively sliding through narrow tubes and pipes underground which cause sewage water to go up the source.

If you are a resident of Manly West and you think that blocked drains should never be welcomed in your homes and establishments, please call DCB on 07 3667 8003 and immediate action will be done.