Blocked Drains McDowall

McDowall and surrounding suburbsMcDowall is a residential suburb and is located east of the Bunyaville State Forest Park and is situated 11 km north-west of CBD. It was named after an early farmer in the nearby suburb of Everton Park. It is part of a wide forest and greenery going from the mountains at the west side and mangrove areas in its coast. It contains many species of flowers and grass trees which when in flower have a long central flowering stem that attracts bees.

The suburb was very popular for the 24.3 hectare bush land area surrounded by urban housing and roads which is the Raven Street Reserve.  Due to the regions landscape, large and mature trees rapidly grow alongside houses and dwellings. It is inevitable that tree roots find its ways through pipe openings and holes causing major blockage in the water lines underneath. These tree roots are drawn to the nearest water supply which is very much available through these pipelines. Tree roots cause enormous damage underground and these types of blockages require underground pipe repairs which can be disruptive and costly depending on how difficult it is to access the problem area. Other than these, common causes of clogged drains among households include grease, fat and oil washed down the kitchen sinks which in time sticks in the linings of water pipes and cause inconvenience.

Residents of McDowall will need assistance from expert in drain cleaning solutions, please call DCB on 07 3667 8003 immediately.