Blocked Drains Middle Park

MiddlePark and surrounding suburbs

Middle Park is a residential suburb which is located 14 km south-west of Brisbane CBD. The suburb is part of the six Centenary Suburb where Jindalee and Jamboree Heights belongs. The area has been developed by L.J. Hooker Real Estate and was fully established during the year 1973. It is the year when the last of the 6 Centenary Suburbs was named. The suburb is surrounded by Mc Leod Country Gold Club in the north end, Baronga Street and Horizon Drive as well as  Lalina and Macfarlane street at the west side, Sumners Road lies at the south while the east side contains Estate Road and Beanland street. The population reached 4,026 during the 2011 census.

The region is a mainly residential suburb where most housing was constructed in the 1980s to 1990s. Some are stand-alone dwellings with several documented townhouses. Domestic occurences of blocked drainage often occurs and sometimes unwantedly. Almost 50% of blockages are brought about by fat and cooking oil. These substances are easily poured down kitchen sinks; it may not seem to immediately cause such obstruction but as quickly as these are mixed with other substances and are cooled down causes it to stick on the side of the water pipes and forms a solid deposit which narrows the passageway of water. Blockages of drains are also caused by hair. The strands are caught underneath the passages of water in bathrooms and over time clumps big enough to block water from flowing to its destination. Moreover, foreign objects napkins and toilet papers are flushed inconsiderably causing dirtier water to sprout up and further causes flooding.

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