Blocked Drains Milton

Milton and surrounding suburbs

Milton is an inner riverside suburb of Brisbane located two kilometers west of the central Brisbane district. The early inhabitants were Europeans during the 1840s where most the area was centralized for farming and grazing. The suburb’s name originated from Milton House which was built by Ambrose Eldridge, a chemist living on the northern coast of the Milton Reach of the Brisbane River. Eldridge named the suburb after the English poet, John Milton. The population recorded during the 2011 Australian census was at 1,987.

The suburb is composed of industries with warehouses, commercial offices, retail and single and multiple residences. The main roads are Milton Road, which lies beside the main western rail line and Coronation Drive which runs along the Brisbane River. Combined with Milton’s dwellings are factories and undeveloped, flood-prone spaces on Western Creek and an outfall south of Lang Park. As establishments continue to build in the region, subsequent works causes fragile pipes are disturbed and are affected. This can cause continuous ground movements creating openings which invite sand, soil and sediments to enter these water lines. In time, they form a solid obstruction which eventually leads to flooding. Other than this, tree roots may cause blockage as well. Tree roots can grow as much as 2.5 times the height of its tree. There are instances wherein these roots thrive inside underground pipes for water and nourishment and at the same time cause heavy obstruction of water. Solidified grease from fats, oil and food scums washed down kitchen sinks, as well as hair and soap suds in bathroom and toilet drains can also cause domestic drain clogs which could aggravate if no specific actions and attention are done.

Milton residences can surely rely on DCB for their local drainage assistance, you can call them on 07 3667 8003.