Blocked Drains Mitchelton

Mitchelton is a residential suburb located nine km north-west of central Brisbane. The suburb lies on the Ferny Grove railway line and is situated in between Kedron Brook and theMitchelton and surrounding suburbs Enoggera Military Camp. The suburb was named after an early settler family, the Mitcheltons or Nicholas Mitchell.

The area is part of the northwestern suburbs.  The area is generally hilly and majority of the suburb is on a north-facing slant.  With this topography, the area has a wide range of different trees growing alongside dwellings. Tree roots are very much a culprit of living clogs inside pipes since it looks for nourishments which are abundant in cracks and openings of these water lines underneath. Failure to act on this issue causes enormous damage and repair cost. The area has been known to be a growing suburb with many Queenslander style houses. From 2011’s population of 8,012 and growing, every homeowner experiences drain blockage occasionally. Over 50% of blockages are caused by fat, grease and cooking oil. In liquid form they are easily poured down the sink, but as this mix with other foreign substances, it cools and sticks to the side of the pipe and sets hard to form a solid obstruction. Other contributors to the problem include hair and soaps building up in bathroom drain pipes causing water to back out to the source.

As residents of Mitchelton, professional and expert advice is within reach, please call DCB on 07 3667 8003 for effective and efficient drain cleaning.