Blocked Drains Moggill

Moggill and surrounding suburbs

Moggill is an outer south-western suburb of Brisbane and is located on the northern side of two bends of the Brisbane River, just before the place where the river splits the Brisbane City municipality from Ipswich. The suburb’s name was believed to have been derived from a local word for water lizard. The 2011 Australian census documented 3,606.

The suburb’s southern part includes Priors Pocket on the Brisbane River, majority rural but under sub divisional approval by the mid-2000s. Its previous geographic extent is indicated by the location of Moggill Creek, which runs from Mount Coot-tha to its junction with the Brisbane River at Kenmore. The name of the creek is derived from ‘Magil’, from Yuggera (Jagera) Nation language meaning water dragon. It includes a mixture of small-lot and residential homes along with a small number of remaining farms.

Most residences and establishments in the area are susceptible to many drain blockage and cleaning issues. The most prevalent cause of blockage occurs indoors. Typical culprits include fatty residue washed and slithered down plugholes and builds up the drains. As soon as these substances are fused with cold water, it starts to cling and congeal on the sides of the pipes. The waterline’s purpose of bringing water to its destination is affected and loses its efficiency.  Foreign objects such as papers, napkins and tampons are flushed causing it to travel down the drainage system until such time that they get tangled and lodged in the curves and bends of the pipes. When this happen, they cause water to shoot up and lead to flooding.

For rapid response to your drain cleaning problems, Moggill residents can call DCB 07 3667 8003.