Blocked Drains Moreton Island

MoretonIsland and surrounding suburbsMoreton Island has been considered as the third largest island in the world and this is situated at the east side of Moreton bay. It is located 58 kilometers north east of Brisbane CBD. It is mainly a sand formation which was swept against the sandstones of Cape Moreton. The island’s named by Matthew Flinders wherein 5 lighthouses were built on it. The island has been tagged as a tourist spot and was placed under the jurisdiction of the States parks service in 1993. It was a venue for fishing and camping as well as a popular destination for recreational angling and whale watching. The islands’ census population reached 298 based on the 2011 Australian census.

Since it was considered as one of the wettest parts of Brisbane due to rainfall and precipitation, an effective water and drainage system should be in place to prevent any flood and overspill from happening. Due to the topography of the region which is mainly greenery and tree dominated region, the likelihood of blocked drains is very high due to numerous reasons. Leaves and falling debris from trees are often culprits blocking drainages. This debris gets stuck in the water lines causing water to back up the source. Other than these, tree root ingress is another problem. Roots underground drills its way to open and leaking pipes in its quest to find water and nutrients supply. As they stay inside the pipes, they form a big ball of blockage impeding water to flow effectively. The opening of cracked pipes also becomes a passageway of sand and soil which also builds up causing a barrier.

Moreton Island need not to worry on these drain cleaning issues, they can contact DCB on 07 3667 8003 to get fast and immediate response.