Blocked Drains Mount Coot-tha

MountCoot-tha and surrounding suburbs

Mount Coot-tha is a forest reserve situated seven kilometers west of Brisbane CBD. The suburb connects the other neighboring suburbs of Taringa, Chapel Hill, Toowong and Bardon. It was originally known as One Tree Hill by the early residents during the time when all trees and bushes were removed except for only one Eucalpyt tree. It was later on replaced by the name Mount Coot-tha in 1880 a local term which means a Place of Honey. The area was also declared a Public Recreation Reserve on the same year. The early inhabitants of the region used to come to the place to collect honey which was being produced by native stingless bees. It is also considered the highest peak in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Known to be a popular bush land zone, there are multiple large trees planted in the region. These trees carry a large degree of potentially creating blockage in drains and water sewage systems in the area. As leaves and debris fall down from trees, these are carried to water lines and drainage causing obstruction of water. Other than these, tree roots often find its stop into opening of underground pipes as they search for water and source of nutrients. In time, they form a massive clog stopping water from flowing continuously and eventually backs up to the source causing flood and buildup of water in nearby areas. Water does not flow upwards and the drainage set up is all about gravity. Inappropriate pipe installation in the area may trigger inadequate flow and could further contribute to sand buildup and deposits which could be very inconvenient if no immediate action is applied.

If you are living in Mount Coot-tha and would need assistance on drain cleaning problems and solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact DCB on 07 3667 8003.