Blocked Drains Mount Crosby

MountCrosby and surrounding suburbs

Mount Crosby is an outer suburb of Brisbane which is located 22 kilometers south-west of the central business district of Brisbane. The locality is surrounded by the Brisbane River, adjoining Mount Crosby and Lake Manchester Road as well as Swensons street. It was named originally as Belle Vue Mount by John Oxley who climbed the mount in 1824 during his vast exploration of Brisbane. Though no records clearly states the origin of the suburb, many believed it was from Crosbie which is an England and Scotland border or some also mentioned the name was derived from George Crosby who is a gold prospector. The population of the region reached 1,728 recorded by the 2011 Australian Census.

The suburb is primarily greenery and forest in nature which is the reason why many tree roots dominate underground. These roots are drawn to the nearest supply of water which is mostly available in openings of water pipes underneath. When this occur for a long period of time, the tree roots grow large to the point that they create a big ball of living clog and obstructs water from flowing continuously. With the rapid phase of urbanization in the suburb, multiple constructions of buildings, houses and establishments also happen on a fast rate. Further ground movements brought about by the constructions may damage fixed water lines causing pipes to collapse. Foreign objects and substances enter these pipes which later on blocks water. Most grease and oil combined with cold water oftentimes just sticks to the sides of the pipes and slowly thicken to the point that it hinders any form of liquid to go through to its destination.

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