Blocked Drains New Farm

NewFarm and surrounding suburbsNew Farm is an inner suburb located 2 kilometers east of the Brisbane CBD on a large curve of the Brisbane River.  The suburb is partly bordered by the Brisbane River, with land access from the north-west through Fortitude Valley and from the north through Newstead. At the 2011 Australian Census the suburb recorded a population of 11,330.

Continuous development is clearly indicated by new estates and commercial establishments in the region. These developments may directly impact fixed pipelines underground and sometimes causes leaks and cracks on pipes. When this occurs, these openings capture soil and small rock particles. When water flushes out, they leave residues which could solidify and narrows the passageway of water causing a slow current. Openings of such can also invite tree roots to get the water supply they need, not knowing that they eventually buildup, grow longer and large enough to cause an obstruction of water. Commercial establishments are signs of the suburbs progress but unfortunately, they also contribute to the issue of blocked drains. With the continuous flow of greasy and oily products, chemicals and foreign materials in the underground pipes, they mix with cold water and in turn solidify forming a thick mass that sticks on the side of the pipes. They congeal and hinder the stream of water to its destination.

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