Blocked Drains Newmarket

Newmarket is an inner north-western residential suburb located approximately 5 kilometers from the BrisbaneNewmarket and surrounding suburbs central business district (CBD) and is bounded by the suburbs of Alderley to the north, to its west side is Ashgrove, Kelvin Grove to the south, and Wilston on its east. It is on Kelvin Grove-Enoggera Road immediately north of Enoggera Creek. The suburb’s name originated from the cattle sale yards which operated from 1877 to 1931 and was situated at the north-east corner of Enoggera and Newmarket Roads. It was formally known as “The Three Mile Scrub” because to its proximity from the city, and that of Ashgrove Avenue, which connects Enoggera Road with Waterworks Road to the west, was popularly known as Three Mile Scrub Road.

The region was mostly identified as a residential suburb containing pre-war and post-war dwellings, including many highlights of the Queenslander style of home. As the years go by, some medium-density townhouses and unit blocks have been constructed as well. These old houses contain long standing pipelines which are very susceptible to damages and cracks which potentially invite dirt and sand. It may not initially cause water to be obstructed but continuous build up may do so. Underground pipes which are damaged and open may also be the primary source of water for tree roots’ and over time causes major block in these water lines. Households’ drains and kitchen sinks are also common causes of blocked drains wherein grease and fats continuously washed down these lines. Most fatty substances dry and end up sticking to the sides of pipes.

Newmarket’s household and establishment’s nuisance will need immediate drain cleaning response, you may get it by call DCB on 07 3667 8003.