Blocked Drains Nudgee

Nudgee is residential a suburb of Brisbane, Australia and is 15 kilometers north-east of central Brisbane district.Nudgee and surrounding suburbs It is believed that the name originated from local word N’mugi or Na’dah describing a wild or black duck. The area originally included most of Banyo and Boondall, which validates how the primary school and Nudgee College are now located in these suburbs. In 2003 Nudgee Primary school was closed and the attached Banyo High school was renamed Earnshaw State College. Nudgee is accessible by train, with its train station giving Shorncliffe services and train services to the city.

The suburb’s socio-economic standing was not high in the past. Residents express considerable affection for Nudgee, some emphasizing its backwater tranquility. Nudgee Beach residents are particularly protective of their locality. As seen in the 2011 Census, the population of the suburb reached 2, 856 while Nudgee beach was at 261.

The suburb also contains range of mature and deeply rooted trees, and as much as we love nature, some parts of it do mess with commercial and residential draining systems. When leaves clumped together at a rapid rate, these can be the cause of a blocked drain, as well as any other debris. Tree roots also search for the nearest water source of water leading them to crack pipes which eventually leads to blockage. Residential dwellings, particularly in bathroom drains and sinks, are primary sources of clogged drains as well. Materials such as soap or food can build up between the drainpipe and the pipes underground. They may not fully obstruct the drain initially, but as they continue to collect other substances that are washed down, these in turn creates a major congestion causing water to back up to the source.

If you are a resident of Nudgee and are in immediate need of assistance for drain cleaning, we recommend you to simply call DCB on 07 3667 8003.