Blocked Drains Nundah

Nundah was previously called German Station is an inner suburb in the city of Brisbane, Australia, and isNundah and surrounding suburbs approximately 10 kilometres north-east of the Brisbane central business district. The name “Nundah” means “chain of water holes” in the local dialect. This name is a reference to the nearby natural water sources at Kedron Brook and the swampy areas previously to the east of the suburb.

The area is mainly a residential suburb, which links Sandgate Road, one of the major arterial roads of Brisbane’s north. It is a fusion of residential suburb and with a few light industries and a commercial retail area concentrated on Sandgate Road. It is lies near the suburbs of Clayfield, Northgate and Wavell Heights, and is dominated by a large ridge that runs from the northwest to the southeast.

A blocked drain has been a common problem that every household in the suburb experiences. This is mainly caused by domestic or commercial waste products. These entries invite grease, oil and fats to go down the sink. Over time, they build up and stick in the linings restricting water to flow down easily. Once the drain has become blocked, any water that is trying to escape down the drain goes back up bringing in dirt and unhealthy substances to the source. Blocked drains in the toilet or bathroom are also very common which are usually caused by items or other foreign materials being flushed down the sink whether intentional or unintentional. Hair and soaps are slithered down the pipes causing intense build up when no actions are done immediately.

If you are a resident of Nundah and is in need of drain cleaning, DCB is just a phone call away on 07 3667 8003.