Blocked Drains Oxley

Oxley and surrounding suburbs

Oxley is a residential suburb located 11 kilometers south-west of Brisbane CBD. The suburb is named after John Oxley, an early Australian explorer, in December 1823. He originally named the place as Canoe Creek but was later on changed to its current name by Edmund Lockyer. The suburb is surrounded by the Brisbane River and Oxley Creek in the north side and flow to the eastern point.

The suburb highlights a fusion of residential land and commercial area with a few industrial properties located at the south side of the region. It attracted several people to live in the district. As recorded in the 2011 Australian census, its population reached 7,291.  Western parts of the region have been characterized by progressing hills with clay-loaded soils. Water sewage systems ideally work through uphill and downslope movement. If pipelines are incorrectly set up, it may lead to poor water flow and in some cases, damages to pipes causing solid particles to continuously buildup inside the pipelines which leads to blockages of water. The early 2000s witnessed residential and industrial surged in the older part of Oxley, near the railway station and the nearby shopping zone. Continuous ground movements often also lead to reparations of pipe fixtures underground leading to the same scenario. Furthermore, domestic instances of blocked drainage caused by grease and fatty substances mixing with coagulants will impede water to flow in the drainage since they accumulate at the linings of these pipes.

DCB can be contacted in emergency cases like these on 07 3667 8003 24 by 7 by Oxley residences implementing a prompt and effective response.