Blocked Drains Paddington

Paddington and surrounding suburbsPaddington is an inner suburb of Brisbane, Australia located 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) west of the Brisbane CBD. Similar to the other suburbs in the nearby area, Paddington is positioned along steep elevations and hills. Most of the original and unique Queenslander homes can be found in the suburb. Houses are frequently built on remnants, owing to the shear nature of their blocks. Most of the retail is located along the ridgetops which contain the main roads of Caxton Street, Given Terrace and Latrobe Terrace. Proceeding North West (outbound) along Caxton Street there is a gentle downward slope on either side until Given Terrace is reached, commonly referred to as “lower Paddington”. Near Given Terrace there is a slope that streams down to Rosalie on the left while on the right there is a steep drop to a gully which then rises again to the Red Hill ridge. When one reaches Latrobe Terrace, commonly known as “upper Paddington”, the road situates to the ridgetop with gentle slopes on either side until moving uphill towards the suburb of Bardon.

The suburb is primarily residential, on small blocks of land by Queensland standards, with many workers cottages and Queenslander-style homes with uneven iron roofs. In recent years, Paddington has become a very desirable residential location. Paddington lies in a valley in the bottom of Mount Coot-tha. This area is particularly hilly with many peaks and valleys. Alongside these hills grow many mature trees on private properties and parkways which eventually enter cracked pipes and block the flow of water.   Once inside the pipe, the roots will continue to grow, and if not actioned upon, they will completely fill the pipe with hair-like root masses. Grease and other fatty substances are catch in drains and in time solidify and create deposits unless pumped out on regular intervals. With the suburb positioned in multiple elevations and downward slopes, an effective water flow system is essential to reach its destination.

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