Blocked Drains Petrie Terrace

PetrieTerrace and surrounding suburbsPetrie Terrace is a small, inner-city suburb and major thoroughfare in Brisbane, Australia. It is positioned next to the north western side of Brisbane’s CBD, and is being surrounded by the Roma Street to Exhibition railway line, Musgrave Road, Hale Street and the Milton to Roma Street railway line. Based on Census, in Petrie Terrace, 60.9% of people were born in Australia. The most common nationalities are New Zealand 4.1%, England 3.3%, Ireland 1.7%, Scotland 1.2% and Italy 0.6%. The Albert Park Flexi School is the only school situated in Petrie Terrace. For the others, children in the area attend a number of schools in the surrounding suburbs including the Petrie Terrace State School in Paddington and boys’ and girls’ grammar schools in Spring Hill.

In 2007-2008 the former Petrie Terrace Police Depot was changed to a retail sector which is now called “The Barracks”, which holds cinemas, restaurants, shops and offices with underground car parking. One can easily have access through a walk way leading to Roma Street railway station.  There are other hubs in this suburb which makes this one of Brisbane’s easiest and most accessible area to live in from a wide array of people ranging from students to a large expanding family. This leads to expansion of vibrant communities and establishments which also contributes to build up of grease and other foreign objects clogging in the drains. These grease deposits in time sticks and deposits along pipelines making it hard for suitable water to flow effectively through these residential and establishments. With the continuous constructions of establishments due to the huge business potential of the place causes pipes to collapsed and be damaged further contributing for the drains to block as well.

If you are a resident of Petrie Terrace and is in need of assistance with drain cleaning, please call DCB at 07 3667 8003, and we ensure action immediately.