Blocked Drains Pinjarra Hills

PinjarraHills and surrounding suburbs

Pinjarra Hills is an outer suburb of Brisbane, Australia. It is 15 kilometers west of the Brisbane central business district on the northern bank of the Brisbane River. At the 2011 Australian census the suburb had a population of 664. Moggill Road is the main road route through the suburb.

The suburb is generally hilly and composed of a wide range of trees and greenery. Tree roots often times thrice the length of the actual height of the tree scavenge for the necessary water supply and nutrient source and may potentially lead to open pipes and damaged water lines. When this occurs, what happens is that their secondary root fillers become big enough to impede any form of liquid to drift through the lines. An extreme amount of cost and effort is placed if these root causes are not identified the earliest time possible. The suburb has been highly recognized as rural and a considerable portion is supervised by the University of Queenland’s Veterinary School. Most culprits of blocked drains also occur indoors wherein foreign substances are continuously flushed down open tubes like papers, tampons, hair strands and food particles. They may not initially cause blockage but as they accumulate, they block water and causes dirtier liquid to shoot up leading to serious health risks and hazards. Other commercial structures contribute to clogged drains when grease and oil are slithered down drains causing it to mix with other substances which create a glue like substances that sticks on the side and increases in size leading to water obstruction.

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