Blocked Drains Pinkenba

Pinkenba is the name of a suburb in eastern Brisbane on the northern side of the Brisbane River, 10 kilometersPinkenba and surrounding suburbs from the Brisbane central business district. The area is spatially isolated from other residential suburbs and is surrounded by the Brisbane Airport to the north and west, and industrial land and the bank of the Brisbane River to the south. The suburb recorded a population of 350 people at the 2011 Australian Census. The name Pinkenba comes from the Turrbal word binkinba which means “place of land tortoise”.

The suburb is comprised of a small number of detached houses, local store, pub and industrial precincts. Its residential area is a few dense streets north-west of the railway station and has a few shops and establishments including the Pinkenba Hotel. A particular nuisance among residential dwellings includes the need to fix clogged drains and pipes. For kitchens, sinks are gateway for grease, oil and fats which continuously slide down these water lines. It may not blocked these drains initially, but over time, it causes massive buildup as these substances fused with cold water sticks in the sides of the pipes preventing water to flow successfully. If your drain is outside of the house, buildup of dead leaves or even tree roots which find their way into pipes causes a living barrier to the flow of water. Side effects of blocked drains include foul smelling water which posts a potential health risk and damage to wiring and electrical fittings.

Residents of Pinkenba will not have to undergo a grueling process of thinking solutions for drain blockages and issues, you may simply call DCB on 07 3667 8003.