Blocked Drains Port of Brisbane

PortofBrisbane and surrounding suburbsPort of Brisbane is a shipment port and a suburb of Brisbane located on the east coast. It currently is considered the third busiest port in Australia and the state’s fastest growing container port. It stands beside the Port of Gladstone and that of Townsville. It contains the main shipping channel transversely of Moreton Bay which extends 90 kilometres north to Mooloolaba. The port is operated by the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd under a 99-year lease contract from the Government.

In order to maintain smooth operations of the port, cargo and containers should be shipped from one area to another efficiently and a critical factor that the management considers is the drainage and water system of the harbor. Deposits of silts and sediments in the ports channels and docks have caused delays of up to five days in the delivery of cargo including oil supplies. Millions of dollars is spent on dredging annually. To ensure that the problem doesn’t aggravate maintenance and prompt actions on ensuring that these obstructions are removed effectively should always be established. Knowing the source of the block should be initially customary, pinpointing the source and removing it. Other factors of blockage may include debris or other foreign materials finding its way through these pipelines.

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