Blocked Drains Pullenvale

Pullenvale and surrounding suburbs

Pullenvale is a rustic and suburban region located 15 kilometers south-west of Brisbane CBD. There are no verified documentations about the history of the suburb’s name. They believed that the name originated from an early lumber gazer, George Pullen. Some also thought that the name came from a local stream named Pullen Pullen Creek. Repetition of the word “Pullen” means ‘to die’ or ‘fighting.’ Another theory rose from Bullen Bullen, which was a local word meaning ‘lonely place.’ The population reached 3,174 based on the 2011 Census.

The suburb is situated at the bases of Mount Elphinstone and is characterized by rolling hills and extents of bush land. These are corroborated since most of the area is covered by tree ridges. Through the development of tree roots, they continuously seek out water and nutrients to nearby location which can be found in abundance inside drains and pipes. This causes what we call tree root ingress. As the roots become larger, they form an extreme obstruction inside these pipes causing water to be blocked. Furthermore, the roots create loftier openings from the small tiny leaks causing sand and soil to go inside the pipes; they then accumulate and narrow the passageway of water. Real estate also began flourishing during the 2000s, subsequent work and ground movements disturbs fixed lines of water underground which in turn causes foreign substances to enter these pipes. Activities inside the house also contribute to blocked drains which are usually caused by solidified grease and fats. Fatty residues are washed down the sink holes and cause buildup within the drains as they mix with other substances.

Every time residents of Pullenvale see signs of drains being clogged; DCB will be the best persons to consult. You can reach them on 07 3667 8003.