Blocked Drains Ransome

Ransome and surrounding suburbsRansome is an outer suburb located 18 kilometres east of the Brisbane CBD. The suburb was named after C.H. Ransome, who is an early resident in the region and set up a business providing mixed firewood to the city. The surrounding suburbs are Lota and Manly West on the north and northwest side respectively; Chandler at the south, while the east has Birkdale. The 2011 Census indicated a population of 474.

The suburb is mostly residential with greenery range. Due to the topography of the region, many trees surround the region. Though nature could be an important aspect to the likeability of the suburb especially for residents to live in the place, this also causes inconveniences especially on the aspect of drainage and water system. Tree root ingress is a primary culprit for blocked drains. Tree roots dig deep underground in its quest to look for necessary nutrients and water supply. When there are cracked pipes underground, these roots finds its way even in the smallest opening of these pipelines. They accumulate and in turn grow larger as it forms a ball of root obstruction causing water to back up the source. Soil and other sand or particles also enter these openings, as it continues to collect these materials; they become residues and builds up in time as they narrow the passageway of water affecting the effective tide. Worst case would be the presence of flood in nearby area and household.

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