Blocked Drains Riverhills

Riverhills and surrounding suburbs

Riverhills is a residential suburb positioned 15 kilometers south-west of central Brisbane. The suburb was advanced alongside Jindalee and Jamboree Heights as part of the 1959 Centenary Project which is more commonly known as the Centenary suburbs. The area was further urbanized synchronized with that of Middle Park and Westlake and shares the coastline of the Pullen reach. The name was derived from a suggestion made by the Centenary Estates Group, a housing developer in 1972. The population stretched to 3,819 during the 2011 Census.

Just like its neighboring suburb, the area has been highly greenery and tree dense. 90% to 95% of the blockages in the area are caused by tree roots. These tree roots can grow double the size of the actual tree height in their consistent quest to get water and nutrients supply. They usually end up inside drain and pipe leaks, building and growing to the extent of fully blocking the water ways. Ground activities caused by excavations and ground saturation can hype the possibility of damaged or cracked pipes. When this happens, off site materials and sand enter these pipes causing an obstruction which is quite difficult to remove. Every household also experiences blocked drains brought about by solidified oil and grease flushed down kitchen sinks as well as hair, body fats, soap scums and dirt that are captured and trapped in the pipelines just below bathroom drains.

Riverhills residents can rely to the fast and effective drain cleaning services of DCB by contacting them on 07 3667 8003.