Blocked Drains Rocklea

Rocklea and surrounding suburbsRocklea is one of the largest suburbs in Brisbane located 12 kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD. It was originally called Rocky Water Holes and was renamed with the opening of the railway system. It is situated near the Brisbane River and is bordered by Oxley Creek to the west. The suburb has a population of 1, 225 based on the 2011 census.

The area is mostly industrial where large firms from various industries, like the transport sector and a paint manufacturing facility, can be found. Rocklea State School was opened in the suburb in 1885.

Rocklea also plays host to the Brisbane Markets which is well-known for its variety of flowers, fresh fruits and fresh veggies.

Being an area with various industrial facilities, the suburb can be prone to drainage blockage that can be caused by heavy machinery being transported on a daily basis. Constant ground movement can affect the pipes underground as well, causing them to break and collapse.

The area is also located near rivers and other smaller bodies of water which can be the source of flooding in the area. Foreign objects and debris can enter through drain pipes and cause terrible drainage blockage. This can be very unpleasant since it prevents wastewater from leaving the household or property. If you’re having difficulty in flushing your toilet or if you see that water drains away slowly, this could be a sign of blockage in your pipelines.

If you’re having drainage troubles in Rocklea, just call Drain Cleaning Brisbane at 07 3667 8003 and your blocked drains will be fixed immediately.