Blocked Drains Runcorn

Runcorn and surrounding suburbsRuncorn is a southern suburb in Brisbane located 19 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD with a population of 14, 075. It was originally part of Coopers Plains and was designated the Agricultural Reserve which later on went to Eight Mile Plains. The Williams family was the first residents of the suburb in 1868 followed by Reverend J. McLaren 10 years later who named his farm Runcorn.

The suburb is very ethnically diverse and is also favourable to students because of its proximity to Sunnybank and for having lower rental fees compared to suburbs which are closer to the city. Warrigal Road Farm is one of the oldest operating farms in Brisbane, which was established in 1911, with over a hundred years worth of heritage.

There are 33 parks being maintained in the suburb as listed by the Brisbane City Council. These parks offer various activities for sports and recreation. The South United Football Club hails from Runcorn and is one of the teams playing in the Brisbane Premier League.

Notable landmarks in the area include the Runcorn Progress Hall which was built in 1926 by Tom King, the Runcorn Bone Mill, and the Runcorn State School.

With a relatively high population and possible high traffic in various facilities and infrastructure, the suburb may be experiencing blocked drains due to foreign objects and debris such as grease, hair, sand and silt. When not cleaned regularly, your drainage system might get clogged because of improper waste disposal.

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