Blocked Drains Salisbury

Salisbury and surrounding suburbsSalisbury is a suburb of Brisbane located 11 kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD with a population of 6, 096 as recorded by the 2011 Census. The suburb was named after the home of William Coote who was a journalist and political figure in Brisbane in the suburb’s early years. The railway department chose the name at the opening of the Sunnybank/South Coastal Railway Line in 1885.

Salisbury had remained primarily a rural area until the end of the Second World War. Its comparative remoteness was a perfect location for munition factories to be built in the area, which was along what is currently Evans Road. Significant residential development had begun in the post-war years with rapid growth in the 1960s and beyond. Housing mainly consists of various detached dwellings in different lot sizes, ranging from traditional Queenslander style homes to the smaller modern style homes.

Today, the suburb is an established residential and industrial community, with sprawling parklands in the north. The major features of the suburb include the Toohey Mountain and forest in the north eastern boundary, SkillsTech Australia, Boolarong Press, Russ Hall Park, and a number of schools, shops and other neighbourhood facilities.

Since the area is a mix of residential and industrial with a number of other facilities such as schools, shops and parks, drainage blockage can be experienced when grease and other foreign objects or debris are gathered from restaurants or other shops and even from the household. As suburbs in Brisbane are naturally covered with greenery, you should also watch out for large tree roots that can penetrate through the pipelines underground and causing severe drainage blockage.

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