Blocked Drains Sandgate

Sandgate is a coastal bayside suburb in Brisbane, Australia, 17 kilometers north of the Brisbane CBD. Based on theSandgate and surrounding suburbs 2011 Australian Census the suburb documented a population of 4,626.

The suburb is situated on the coastline, along Bramble Bay. The western border of the suburb is where the Gateway Motorway is situated. A large section to the west of the suburb is known as the Deagon Wetlands which is part of the North East Wetlands of Brisbane.

The suburb was named by the surveyor James Burnett after the seaside coast of the same name in Kent, England; and Shorn Cliff, also named by Burnett, referred to the cliff face overlooking Moreton Bay.

The town became a well-known place for the people of Brisbane in the early 20th century. As residents continue to migrate to the region, more houses and residential structures rise. Continuous construction may entail damage to previously installed underground pipes. When this happen, the cracks and openings sucks in dirt, sand and silt causing an extreme block to water lines underneath. Tree roots predominantly go to these openings where water and other minerals are located which also causes clogged in the water flow system. Indoor blocked drains also occur in every household. Water is not the only thing that goes down the sink. Hair, soap, grease and even food sometimes find its way to slide down the pipes which leads to buildup and solidifies in the linings causing an obstruction of any sort of liquid and may even back up to the source.

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