Blocked Drains Seven Hills

SevenHills and surrounding suburbsSeven Hills is a residential suburb intended as a garden estate is situated 5 kilometers east of Brisbane CBD.  It is surrounded by nearby suburbs of Camp Hill, Morningside, Norman Park and Carina. This was initially a part of Norman Park and Morningside during the 1960s, but got its independence as a stand alone region in 2001. Its name was derived after Seven Hills of Rome which was given to the area by R.G. Oates who was a real estate agent back in the 1920s and bought majority of the land. The population documented by the 2011 Australian census reached a total of 2,028

The north eastern side of the suburb lived up to its name as this was classified to be mostly hill and bushland dominated the area. As several housing developments and construction of apartments arise, much of the water lines and pipelines underneath are potential victims of blockages and obstructions. Many findings do show that tree root ingresses cause water blockages when they enter cracked and open pipes in search of continuous supply of water. When this happen, they tend to stay there until they grow and prevent water from flowing effectively. Other reasons include leaves, branches and other debris finding its way into the drainage system, blocking sewages until they flood areas if not auctioned upon immediately. What happens inside our homes is a different matter; bad housekeeping includes continuous grease, fat and food particles slithering down kitchen sinks. Over time, they solidify and narrow the passageway of water.

If drain cleaning would be your pressing need in Seven Hills, please call DCB on 07 3667 8003 and we ensure immediate response.