Blocked Drains Seventeen Mile Rocks

SeventeenMileRocks and surrounding suburbsSeventeen Mile Rocks is a southern suburb of Brisbane located 11 kilometers south-west of the Brisbane Central Business District on the Brisbane River. It was named after a collection of rocks that was at the 17 mile mark from the mouth of the Brisbane River. These rocks were then removed for the widening of the river allowing access for marine vessels to further parts of the river.

It was previously an industrial suburb, but new housing estates have been developed in recent years and are greatly increasing the residential population. The major estate in the area is Edenbrooke and the newest one is Verandah. Seventeen Mile Rocks Road is the major road that passes through the area which connects the suburb to Jindalee and the Western Freeway at the west end and Oxley at the east end.

Rocks Riverside Park, which is one of Brisbane’s largest riverside parks, can be found in the suburb. It has walking and cycling paths, basketball court, climbing web, flying fox and other sporting and picnic facilities.

Being a mostly residential area, causes of blocked drains can be grease, hair, sand and silt, and other foreign debris which can get trapped in the drains. But the major cause of blocked drains is tree roots which is very common in the suburbs because of its abundance in plant life. Large roots can pierce through pipes causing severe damage resulting to blocked drains.

If you’re having some trouble in flushing your toilet or if you see that water drains away slowly, this could be a sign of blockage in your pipelines.

These blocked drains need not be a problem in Seventeen Mile Rocks. Just call Drain Cleaning Brisbane at 07 3667 8003, and you’ll be assured of immediate response and excellent services.