Blocked Drains Sherwood

Sherwood and surrounding suburbs

Sherwood is a residential suburb lies within eight kilometers south-west of Brisbane CBD. It is circled by Oxley Creek at the western side. The name of the suburb came about when the Sherwood primary school was opened in the year 1867. The name was originally implied towards a farm or homestead. The population propagated to 4,998 as logged by the 2011 Australian Census.

The suburb is distinguished with low and medium density dwellings with a commercial and business strip concentrated along Sherwood Road. The area has been considered a popular high end suburb with a considerable proportion of foreign and Queenslander homes. As the attractiveness of the region grew higher, more and more houses are also established and the occurrences of blocked drains increase. Many of the blocked drains in every household are brought about by the continuous out pour of grease and fatty substances in kitchen sinks and plugholes. Without much consideration, they continuously flow down these lines and get mixed with low temperature water and other coagulants causing it to solidify over time. When no urgent actions are placed, they constrict the passageway of water causing it to obstruct the efficient flow of any forms of liquid. Paper blockages, tampons and other foreign materials are unwantedly flushed down the toilets which could cause an immediate block of water. This is common where the drainage system has an insufficient amount of fall which permits the waste water to slowly get away leaving the solids and paper behind to dry out and toughen.

Residents of Sherwood can depend to the immediate response of DCB, contact them on 07 3667 8003.