Blocked Drains St Lucia

St Lucia and surrounding suburbs

St Lucia is a residential suburb located four kilometers south-west of Brisbane CBD. The area of Ironside is situated at the western part of the suburb, with the University of Queensland positioned in its eastern end. The suburb was initially part of Indooroopilly and of Toowong and was once called Toowong South. William Alexander Wilson, who was born in the region near the West Indies, bought the Coldridge Plantation in 1882 and called it St Lucia Sugar Plantation.

The area was mainly a residential suburb and was distinguished as one of the richest suburb in Brisbane. With the likes of Hamilton and Ascot, the suburb became the third most expensive suburb and still belongs to the top 5 most expensive and wealthiest suburbs in Brisbane. The population grew at 11,195 during the 2011 Australian Census.

The suburb was characterized by leafy nature and greenery which includes different housing and contemporary apartment styles. With the topography of the region, trees and tree roots have been found abundant underground continuously seeking water and nutrients supply. They tend to lead to many home drainage systems especially those with flaws on joints being out of alignment, fractured and leaking pipes. These roots stay there for a considerable amount of time causing to grow large enough to block water. Not to mention leaves and other debris blocking the external part of many sewage systems leading to flood and further obstruction. Bad housekeeping can also trigger blockages, most especially grease and fats washed down excessively in sinkholes. As soon as these residues mix with cold water, they form a solid buildup which congeals and clings on the walls of pipes. Foreign objects also get flushed down drains and toilets leading to clogged drainage.

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