Blocked Drains Sumner

Sumner and surrounding suburbsSumner is an outer suburb and is 15 located kilometres south-west of the Brisbane CBD. The suburb is a mixture between residential and industry with a large industrial estate Sumner Park. In the 2011 Census the population of Sumner is 539, 48.4% female and 51.6% male.

The suburb includes many homelands and estates with a few townhouses and detached housings.  Pipelines underneath these dwellings are still subject to ground movements, force and external factors that could damage these lines causing cracks and openings. When these happen, sand, soil and foreign substances enter these pipes causing a buildup that can impede water from flowing to its destination. Other than these, roots from nearby trees enter these openings forming a large ball of living clog which also hinders water from flowing potently and could shoot back to the source. Blocked drains can also happen internally. Toilet and bathroom sinks end up getting materials and paper products that should have been disposed to trash bins but instead gets into plugholes and drains. These materials can be very hard to extract and dissolve and these may in turn lead to obstructions and hamper waste water from flowing.

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