Blocked Drains Taigum

Taigum is a residential suburb west of Boondall and is located 16 km north-east of central Brisbane. It isTaigum and surrounding suburbs surrounded by Cabbage Tree Creek on its west and north sides and by Beams Road, Zillmere on its southern side. The name was also believed to have been derived from Yuggera, Turrbal dialect which means Lawter Cane or Lawyer Vine which grew in the region and was used to make commercial baskets. The name of the suburb, formerly known as Tygham, originated from a local expression describing the Cabbage Tree Creek.

Based on the 2011 Census, the population of Taigum reached 5,619. Over 61% of residential developments are houses and another 25% are townhouses. Most of the households are direct contributors to blocked drains brought about by several causes. Grease backups occur when grease and fat slither down the kitchen sinks. Over time, these cool and harden around the sides and linings of the pipes causing an obstruction in the flow of water. Other materials such as fruit peelings, vegetables skins and food particles often coagulate with these fats and substances causing a more extreme blockage in the pipes underneath which eventually leads to water shooting up the source. Outdoor culprits such as tree roots can also clog sewers and drainages. If the roots become big enough, they can easily get inside the cracks of the pipes and form root balls that can clog the lines. These are very common especially with old and deteriorating pipes.

If you are in need of drainage experts and specialists within the suburb of Taigum, please call DCB on 07 3667 8003.